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Bradford Medical Supply (BMS) is a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) rental, logistics and sales company that provides a unique, personal and reliable service to their clients. BMS clients require Rental, New & Used DME delivered, professionally set up and removed at their convenience.

My name is Bradford and I own this company. When you call BMS and we speak, my intention is to recommend the right equipment to maximize comfort and minimize discomfort during convalescence and recovery time. I have the durable medical equipment that will help you through your recovery from common medical procedures, illnesses and other maladies. I'm not a doctor, I'm an engineer.

Operating BMS for the last 10 years and speaking to literally thousands of clients, I've gained knowledge and insight regarding; assessment of client requirements with respect to their condition, pain management, advice that can possibly shorten recovery times and mitigate or lessen pain during recovery.

I will listen, then assist you in determining what are your requirements, make a recommendation (or sometimes tell you) what is best for you. Then I will procure and deliver your equipment where and when you need it; as fast as humanly possible!

Nationwide Rent to Own Program | Back to Top

BMS promises to:

  • Ship NEW equipment directly to you to rent
  • Provide Free curbside delivery to your residence
  • Arrange for return shipping if the equipment is not purchased
  • Apply all rent and desposits toward purchase
Customer agrees to:
  • 2 month rental period (minimum)
  • $250 return shipping deposit if the item is not purchased (Hospital Beds and Lift Chairs)
  • $250 Cleaning deposit refunded if rental is not purchased and returned
  • Balance due at the end of the 2nd month

Repairs of Medical Equipment | Back to Top

Bradford personally repairs and services all the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) repairs for any equipment sold and rented on this site and much more! Operating Bradford Medical Supply (BMS) for the last 10 years I have learned a lot about the DME I rent and sell. I can and have performed:

  • Invacare Hospital Bed Repair
  • FlexaBed Luxury Hospital Bed Repair
  • Golden Technologies Lift Chair Repair
  • Mobility Chair Repair
  • Golden Technologies Lift Chair Repair
  • Electric Scooter Repair
  • Hoyer Lift Repair
  • Wheelchair Repair and Maintenance

    Ensuring the safety and reliability of the equipment I repair is the primary focus. Bradford takes a professional engineering aproach with respect to DME repair.
    • Inspect/Test/Analyze DME
    • Perform Failure Analysis
    • Determine if warranty is still in effect
    • Recommend repair or replace
    • Repair as Required
    • Repair on site if possible
    • Improve design if possible

    I have a degree in engineering and in my earlier career I analyzed,

    tested and wrote repair procedures for communication satellites, the space shuttle and nuclear submarine missile components. Rest assured your DME repair is in good hands.

    I have considerable experience managing hospice situations. My counsel is focused, discreet and minimalist; with respect to cost and equipment deployed. My recommendations are honest, prudent, professional and focused on helping you to chose durable medical equipment that satisfies all your requirements. I will tell you how my equipment helps during recovery from surgical procedures, accidents and other maladies you may experience in life, for example:

    Tummy Tucks Rotator Cups Knee Replacements Separated Shoulders Heart Surgery Breast Reduction
    Broken Ribs Broken Femurs Broken Legs Broken Hips Back Injuries Hip Replacement

    Weekly and Monthly Rentals of Medical Equipment | Back to Top

    Electric Scooter , Lift Chairs, Recliners, Hospital Beds, Luxury Hospital Beds, Bariatric Hospital Beds, Wheelchairs, Transport Chairs, and Power Wheelchairs, Knee Walker and Ramps by authorized distributors for Fast Home Delivery! Our delivery fees includes drop off, pickup, set up and instruction of the rental equipment.

    New Medical Equipment | Back to Top

    Bradford Medical Supply sells new medical equipment such as; Scooters, Infinite Position Pride Lift Chairs/Zero Gravity Golden Technologies Lift Chairs, Hospital Beds, Wheelchair, Mattresses, Ramps, Walkers, knee walker, Transport Chairs, Scooters and Mobility Chairs.