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From the beginning, BMS has Always Cleaned and Disinfected our Rental Equipment
Hi everyone, this is Bradford. Now more than ever it's important that all of you know; from the beginning 15 years ago to the present BMS has always steam cleaned our Durable Medical Rental Equipment (DMRE) before it is delivered to you. Our cleaning procedures have been updated to include required Center for Disease Control (CDC) Cleaning and Disinfection Guidelines. Going forward, prior to delivery all DMRE shall meet or exceed those requiremnts by disinfection with 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and/or dilute bleach solution. (CDC) Cleaning and Disinfection Guidelines CDC Cleaning & Disinfection Guidelines

Weekly Rental - Assist-a-Tray - Right or Left Handed

Lift Chair Assist-a-Tray - Right or Left Handed

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Your Price: $50.00
Manufacturer: Stander
Manufacturer Part No: 13085RN
Features Designed for use with a lift chair, standard recliner or couch. Can be used for many activities such as eating, writing, crafts, working on the computer, reading and games. Right or left positioning with 180° rotation so that the chair can be placed by any wall. Table top pivots 360° at the touch of a hand. Teak wood grain laminate finish is attractive, easy to clean and scratch resistant. One Year Limited Warranty. Description This chair table has been designed to complement a lift chair, standard recliner, or couch. The individual can use it for daily activities including eating, writing, crafts, working on the computer, reading, and playing games. The user has the option of right or left positioning in order so that it can be placed by a wall. The chair table can stay in the desired position without attachment, and a built in magazine rack is included for enhanced convenience. Its teak wood grain laminate finish is shiny, easily maintainable, and scratch resistant. Please note, lift chair for illustration purposes only and is not included. Warranty One Year Limited Warranty