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From the beginning, BMS has Always Cleaned and Disinfected our Rental Equipment
Hi everyone, this is Bradford. Now more than ever it's important that all of you know; from the beginning 15 years ago to the present BMS has always steam cleaned our Durable Medical Rental Equipment (DMRE) before it is delivered to you. Our cleaning procedures have been updated to include required Center for Disease Control (CDC) Cleaning and Disinfection Guidelines. Going forward, prior to delivery all DMRE shall meet or exceed those requiremnts by disinfection with 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and/or dilute bleach solution. (CDC) Cleaning and Disinfection Guidelines CDC Cleaning & Disinfection Guidelines

Golden Technologies Zero Gravity Lift Chair

The Zero Gravity or Infinite Position products serve clients who usually are convalescing from stomach, back operations and the need to have feet elevated above the heart or knees. They can recline up to 178 degrees and are suitable for sleeping. Zero Gravity (Golden Technologies) or Infinite Position (Pride) lift chairs have 3 positions:

  • at Rest or Sitting
  • Fully Extended
  • Reclined (Up to 175 degrees)
  • Zero Gravity Lift Chair

    Click this link to BUY a Zero Gravity Lift Chair
    Click this link to RENT a Zero Gravity Lift Chair

    Golden Technologies Product Lines

    Price Ranges (number of Products)

  • Comforter Series - $1099- $1258 (5)
  • Zero Gravity - $1428 - $1500 (5)

  • Pride Product Lines and Price Ranges

    Price Ranges (number of Products)

  • Infinite Position - Lift Chairs - $1398 - $1500 (2)
  • Compare and Contrast: Golden Technologies and Pride Lift Chairs

    There are subtle differences between Golden Technologies and Pride product lines, colors, fabrics.

    Golden Technologies products are characterized by models that are uniform from the stand point that there is little individual variation between the different lines of furniture the offer with respect to chair width, back height. Golden Technologies offer ample choices for colors and fabrics.

    Pride lift chairs have the same number of chairs lines but offer much more variation in widths, back heights and material choices.