Bradford is building a DME Superstore! This INTERNET SUPERSTORE will contain products and services of manufacturers BMS has done business for over 10 years. One stop shopping for all of your Durable Medical Equipment. The links below contain product and pricing information for FlexaBed, Golden Technologies, Drive Medical and more to come!
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For an in depth discussion of the basics of buying and renting luxury beds click on the following link that take you to Luxury Bed Renter's and Buyer's Guide. For detailed information regarding Flex-a-Bed luxury hospital beds click on the following links:
Luxury Bed Flex-A-Bed Mattress Information (Manufacturer's Guide)
Luxury Bed Flex-A-Bed Heights
Luxury Bed Flex-A-Bed Clearances
Flex-A-Bed Remotes
Flex-A-Bed Dual Massage Motor Operation