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From the beginning, BMS has Always Cleaned and Disinfected our Rental Equipment
Hi everyone, this is Bradford. Now more than ever it's important that all of you know; from the beginning 15 years ago to the present BMS has always steam cleaned our Durable Medical Rental Equipment (DMRE) before it is delivered to you. Our cleaning procedures have been updated to include required Center for Disease Control (CDC) Cleaning and Disinfection Guidelines. Going forward, prior to delivery all DMRE shall meet or exceed those requiremnts by disinfection with 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and/or dilute bleach solution. (CDC) Cleaning and Disinfection Guidelines CDC Cleaning & Disinfection Guidelines

Monthly Rental - Bariatric Electric Scooter - Gladiator GT Heavy Duty Scooter, 20" Seat - 400 lb. Weight Capacity


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Your Price: $650.00
Item Number: GT807
Manufacturer: Drive Medical Design & Manufacturing
Manufacturer Part No: GT807
Large comfortable captain seat with adjustable depth, height and width arms. Both seat styles come standard swivel, reclining, and adjustable height with sliding depth. Easy to adjust tiller. Features "Free Wheel" mode where scooter can be moved manually. Comes standard with anti-tippers, head and rear lights and shock absorbers. Top speed 5.6 mph with indoor and outdoor speed mode. Cruising range 15-20 miles. Fully adjustable suspension. 10" pneumatic tires. Comes with batteries. Front basket and mirrors standard. 4 amp off board charger for quicker charge. Full lighting pkg w/active brake lights. Electromagnetic brake. HD 110 amp electronics and HD motor. Has been tested and surpassed the ANSI RESNA testing requirement. Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.