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Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Nationwide Sales! - 877 580-5757
Bradford is building a DME Superstore! A one stop shopping place for all of your Durable Medical Equipment needs. FlexaBed and Golden Technologies have been created so far and many more to come...
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Bradford Rents & Sells Lift Chairs, Hospital Beds & Scooters Nationwide!
Bradford will ask you 3 questions when you call:
When do you need it? How long do you need it? Where do you need it?

Bradford Medical Supply (BMS) is a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) rental, logistics and sales company that provides a unique, personal and reliable service to their clients. BMS clients require Rental, New & Used DME delivered, professionally set up and removed at their convenience.

My name is Bradford and I own this company. When you call BMS and we speak, my intention is to recommend the right equipment to maximize comfort and minimize discomfort during convalescence and recovery time. I have the durable medical equipment that will help you through your recovery from common medical procedures, illnesses and other maladies.

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National Rentals Ship Free! (in 2 to 3 business days) Delivery available locally in 24 hours!

All Hospital Bed Rentals Standard Hospital Bed Rentals Luxury Hospital Bed Rentals
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Lift Chair Dimensions,Colors, Fabrics, Weight Capacities & Suggested User Heights

Operating BMS for the last 10 years and speaking to literally thousands of clients, I've gained knowledge and insight regarding; assessment of client requirements with respect to their condition, pain management, advice that can possibly shorten recovery times and mitigate or lessen pain during recovery.

I will listen, then assist you in determining what are your requirements, make a recommendation (or sometimes tell you) what is best for you. Then I will procure and deliver your equipment where and when you need it; as fast as humanly possible!

My recommendations are honest, prudent, professional and focused on helping you to chose durable medical equipment that satisfies all your requirements.

I'm not a doctor, I'm an engineer. I have considerable experience managing hospice situations. My counsel is focused, discreet and minimalist; with respect to cost and equipment deployed. I will tell you how my equipment helps during recovery from surgical procedures, accidents and other maladies you may experience in life, for example:
Tummy TucksRotator CupsKnee ReplacementsSeparated ShouldersHeart SurgeryBreast Reduction
Broken RibsBroken FemursBroken LegsBroken HipsBack InjuriesHip Replacement